Friday, March 23, 2007


Okay, that's it! How dare that pig-of-a-banker man do that to an innocent boy. EWWWWWWW... I wanna rewrite LIGHTNING AND LACE. Not because DiAnn didn't do an excellent job, but because I want to have her villain shot by a drunk. And while he's lying in a pool of blood, he confesses every wretched thing he's ever done, and then he dies while the whole town is looking on and cheering. Sounds sadistic I know, but ewwww that vile man.

As you can tell from my comments, DiAnn does a fantastic job of getting your emotions involved. I know as a Christian, I should rewrite that his heart couldn't stand it any longer. That he confesses every ghastly thing he's ever done and truly repents. So much so, that he turns into Mr. Nice Guy. But, so far that hasn't happen; if it ever does. So... I want the beast to pay for what he's done! I LOVE THIS STORY! Lester is a villain you love to hate. Am I bad? hehe (Don't answer that.)

Well, I'm getting close to the end of the story. I wish I didn't have stuff to do today. I SO want to finish DiAnn's book. I just gotta find out what happens and if Lester pays for his devilish ways.

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