Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Do you think there's a charge for murdering your laptop? If so, I might be jailed shortly. It's SO hard typing without a "T" keypad. Sometimes my emails look like this~~~~
hanks for he memories heodore. You're looking prey errific hese days. Wha's new wih Bey? Don' you jus luv no having a ""?

Ai yi yi. Thank goodness Gateway is sending someone out tomorrow to fix it. It's been like this for almost a whole week now. That's a really long time to be without a "T". hehe

I'm afraid if it were to go on for much longer, I just might have to shoot the sucker. Can you see the headlines now. CRAZY WOMAN ARRESTED TODAY FOR MURDERING HER POOR UNSUSPECTING LAPTOP.
They got it all wrong. After all I did warn my laptop if it didn't straighten up, I was going to shoot it. Sheesh.

Such a drama queen, I know. But ya gotta luv me. NOT!

Well, I'm off to brave it now. I'm going to try and work on my WIP, without a "T" keypad. Gulp.

So until next time....
See ya~~~~~~

Monday, January 29, 2007

By His Hand by Jennifer Johnson

As promised, I'm here to tell you about the second story I read. Notice past tense. I stayed up until well after midnight reading, By His Hand ... in bed... of course. (Remember my three places? If not, reread my posts. *smiling*)

I just loved the riches to rags to~~~~yeah right~~~~as if I would tell you to what. Read it for yourself to see if Victoria Thankful ~~ Don't you just love that last name? ~~ to see if Victoria Thankful survives going from filthy rich, to poorer than a mouse living in an abandoned church. Find out how, or if, Victoria pays for damages done to the love of Chris Ratliff''s life~~Mary Ann? And, read on to find out if Victoria ever lives down being called the, Mary Ann Mangler? Do you want to know if Zach proposes to Victoria? Hmmmm. Guess you'll have to read it and find out, won't you? Oh, I know, I know. I'm so mean. I love it!!!

Now, if you want your curiosity satisfied, then go to http://www.heartsongpresents.com/ and order yourself a copy.

Until next time.... see ya~~~~~~~~~~

The Guy I'm Not Dating~~~ again. *smiling*

Road trip! Woooo weee ~~ and what a trip! Seven people leave Virginia, headin' to Miami. Soon there will be eight. ~~ha ha~~ Bet ya thought I was gonna tell ya who they were. NOT! You also thought I would tell ya WHY they're headin' to Miami. NO WAY! Read it for yourself. However, I would not be any kind of person if I didn't warn you about something first. Make sure you have lots of time. Cuz once you start readin', you're in for the zaniest "trip" of your life.

Ah, I luv tormentin' all of you. Well, torment isn't really the right word. How about "temptin'". Yeah. That's better.

Okay, now to post about the second book I was reading. I finished it last night. But, I'm not going to tell you about it on this post, it gets its own post...

See ya there~~~~~~

Sunday, January 28, 2007


I've been super busy, but every chance I've gotten, I've grabbed Trish's story, The Guy I'm Not Dating. What a hoot! Mo is so funny. And Addie... well, what can I say about her? She's a... gee... what is she? I'm not sure at this point. But, for being practically a stranger to Mo, she's sure bossy. Who are Mo and Addie? Wouldn't you like to know. *smiling* If you do, then read the story for yourself to find out.

And then... there's sexy Gabe. ~~~sigh~~~I've never met the guy and I'm drooling. ~~~double sigh~~~

Got you curious enough to read it yet? Good. Now, rush to the store, or Amazon.com, or where ever it is you purchase your books and buy this one. Especially if you need a really good belly laugh. But before you do, I will leave you with one more sentence quoted from the book.

Here it is:

Before she (Kara) finished, she threw in a quick request for guidance with regard to her car, dating, and this odd little Addie woman. Way back in her mind, she felt as though they were all related in some mysterious God kind of way.

Until next time~~~~Ta

Friday, January 26, 2007

Boo hoo, sniff sniff. I SO want three sets of eyes!

I don't know if it's three heads and three sets of eyes I need or what for sure. All I know is I'm reading three stories at once. Now, you may be wondering why I'm reading three at one time. Well, it's simple actually. I have one in the library. No... not THAT library. The other library. You know, the one where you can go, where no one else bothers you. Especially when they see you headin' that way with a book in hand. Yeppers. That's the one. The bathroom library. Oh don't go actin' all shocked. Most everyone has a library in their bathroom. And those that don't. Well, that just ain't normal. *snicker snicker*

Okay, another novel is on my nightstand. I love to read before I fall off to sleep. It's so relaxing. sigh. And the last one is placed where I spend most of my day... near my recliner... where my laptop abides.

I know that I could read just one and shuffle it to each spot, but then why get stranded in the bathroom without a story to read because I forgot to take it with? Forget it. No way Jose! As for the one beside my nightstand... simple.... they are always Heartsong Presents books. Why? For one, they're great little novels, and for two, I want a smaller book to hold. Ya know, one that's not so heavy. I know, I know, that's terrible, but who can enjoy reading when their shoulders feel like they're ready to fall off. hehe. And, the third one, well, I just like having one readily available where I spend most of my time. That way, when I need a break from writing, searching the net, or emailing, I can kick back and read. All of that sounds really simple and understandable right. Well, okay, it's fess up time. The main reasons is... they all sounded so fantastic that I wanted to read them all at once. So... I had to find places for them so I could devour them. Okay, there you have it. The truth. I can't help myself. I don't have the patience to wait until I get one read before going on to another. sigh. Do you think there's such a thing as a book addicts anonymous group? If so, I need to sign up ASAP! NOT! I don't want to be free from this wonderful addiction. ahhhhh. hehe

Oh yeah, for your 411, I can keep the stories straight. I know what's happening in each one, and I know which character belongs to what novel. Maybe I have three brains after all, and I just don't know it. Three of me. That's a scary thought.

Are you curious which ones I'm reading. No. Well, I'll tell ya about one of them anyway. *smiling* The other two you'll have to wait until my next post. Which, hopefully will be in a day or so. I'm still trying to get the hang of this bloggin' thing. So, bear with me. *cheeky grin*

Okay, one of them is... The Guy I'm Not Dating, by Trish Perry. Let me tell ya, I just got started on it yesterday, and I laughed so hard. These two sentences, taken from the book, will make you curious for sure.

"Who's the cutie-pie?"

"The most gorgeous man I've ever acted stupid in front of."

Let me tell you, that last sentence is an understatement. Poor Kara.
Curious who Kara is... well buy the book. *smiling* I know, I know, I'm mean, but hey, it's a great story so far, and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on such a fun novel.

Well, it's extremely hard typing without a "T" key button, so I'm gonna sign off for now.
Sometime next week, I'm gonna post another one of my short-short stories. So check back. I really am gonna work harder at posting on a regular basis. Honest. Gulp.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Prisoner's Wife

Oh my goodness. I just finished reading, The Prisoner's Wife by Susan Page Davis. Kudos to Susan for writing something so unique and captivating. And to Heartsong Presents for their roll of putting out some truly amazing, fantastic, intriguing, one-of-a-kind stories.

This is one of the best stories I've ever read and here’s why...

Jack asks Lucy's father for her hand in marriage, but her father forbids them to marry. Lucy, the dutiful daughter, obeys, but she never stops loving Jack. Then four years later, she's summoned to jail, where she discovers that Jack is being accused of murder and that he wants her to marry him. Ironically enough, Lucy agrees to his marriage proposal and moves out to his farm. For weeks, she hopes and prays Jack will be acquitted of this heinous crime, and that someday they will have a real marriage. However, because of the circumstances of their “business” arranged marriage, the threat of Jack being hung, and not knowing whether he still loves her or not, Lucy wonders if her dream of having a true marriage to Jack will ever come true.

Read it for yourself to find out whether or not Lucy’s dreams and prayers are fulfilled.