Saturday, March 24, 2007

DiAnn was right.

Woowee!! I just finished reading Lightning and Lace. DiAnn Mills was right. Things aren't always what they seem. What I thought was going to happen, didn't. Way to go, DiAnn.

If you crave adventure... LIGHTNING AND LACE is for you. If you love a story with characters you'll miss when you're done reading... then LIGHTNING AND LACE is for you.

LIGHTNING AND LACE is a real page turner. The characters are fascinating. The plot is amazing and unpredictable~~~definitely unpredictable. And the metaphors are fresh and fit perfectly with the time. DiAnn is an excellent story teller with a wild and vivid imagination. And for your 411, all of DiAnn's stories are equally fascinating, and equally adventurous. You won't want to miss any of them.

Now, back to LIGHTNING AND LACE~~~ (Sounds like I just finished a commercial huh? Now back to our regularly scheduled program. hehe)

What does a shaggy bearded pastor with a jaded past, a beautiful, feisty widow woman with a shameful secret, her rebellious, prankster son, several ex-brothel women, a sinister banker and his sweet wife, a stabbing that ends in death, lies and malicious gossip, and being held at gunpoint all have in common? A really fantastic, emotion-filled, adventurous story, that's what.

I highly recommend this story. So, don't delay another minute. Make haste. Run out to your nearest book store and buy LIGHTNING AND LACE by DiAnn Mills. And if you don't have a bookstore nearby, then let your fingers do the walking. Type in, or, or wherever it is you buy your books from online, and purchase your copy of DiAnn Mills' intriguing story LIGHTNING AND LACE. You won't be sorry.

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