About Me


Bet you're wondering about the r~e~v~v~e~d up part in my title, right? No? Drat. Well, humor me anyway, okay? *smiling* I'm a hot rod, figure-eight races, classic cars, mud-boggin', monster trucks fanatic, and I love Jesus. Re: Revved up for Jesus. See how it fits? No? Oh well, I tried. *grin* Let's see, what else can I tell you about me? Hmm I know…I love Manx cats, reading, writing, and arithmetic. No! Wait! Scratch the arithmetic. Yuk! I enjoy spending time with my beautiful daughter. And, I adore my fabulous, godly, handsome, cowboy husband of forty six years. (Can't forget him, now can I? As if I really could. "Hi, Honey." (Waving~cheeky grin~) Well, on with the show... I never thought I'd be writing. Me, who hated English and hated reading. Then God, in His wonderful sense of humor, decided to lay writing Christian romance stories on my heart and even led me to all the right people at the ACFW, and Voila' ~I am now a multi-published author. God is so good! Ya gotta luv Him.

Meet Miss Sassy Classy. My 1970 Chevy NOVA