Monday, September 09, 2013


ANNOUNCING THE RE-RELEASE OF A NEW YORK TIMES AND CBA BESTSELLER ~ A LOG CABIN CHRISTMAS, along with a fabulous giveaway! Travel back in time. Experience what it was like to build and to live in various types of log cabins back in the good ole days in this 9 novellas collection by various authors.

To enter this amazing giveaway, hop on over to Jane Kirkpatrick's blog and scroll down until you find the instructions. Here's the link.
Contest runs through the 15th. And you want to know what the really kewl part is? Yes, you say. Very well then, I'll tell you. You can increase your chances of winning this amazing basket (see below picture) filled with over $150.00 worth of prizes by entering every day. The gifts were donated by the authors of this homey Christmas novella collection. Oh, and the winner will also receive a copy of A Log Cabin Christmas signed by all nine authors!!! How kewl is that? Good luck and have fun!

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A side note: The unique log cabin I wrote about in my story, A Grand County Christmas, is based on an actual home in Grand County as was the delivery of milk and cheese. Grand County Colorado is filled with wonderful history, and I had the privilege of living on ranches in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains for over twenty five years. There are many remains of pioneer log cabins dotted throughout the trees and all around up there. I often wondered what it would be like if those walls could talk. What stories they would tell? Would they be one of hardships? Or of joy and happier times? Or what? We, as romance authors, so often romanticize the old west, when indeed it was filled with hard work and many struggles. Yes, there was romance back then, as well, for I've heard tales from some of the old pioneers themselves. And they were very romantic. Sigh. *smiling* Therefore, I hope you enjoy not only my story but those of the other talented authors of, A LOG CABIN CHRISTMAS, as we take you on a journey of what it was like to live and to build log cabins back in the days long since past. Happy reading! From a reviewer about my story: “A GRAND COUNTY CHRISTMAS - Debra Ullrick
Colorado. Irish lass meets Austrian widower in rocky Mountain snow and it takes only 5 pages to get hormones as hot as summer. But the bliss turns to Christmas Eve mystery--secrets--& fraud. Will Christmas be "gut"? Unique log house used here.”