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Michelle, you refer to yourself as an edgy Christian author. What’s edgy about your writing?

I love to write about things that Christians don’t like to talk about or tend to ignore as if Christians never struggle in those areas. Yeah, that’s kinda vague but it’s because I cover so many topics it’d take awhile for me to list them all.

When did you know you wanted to write?

Let’s see…in 2003 I was six years younger than I am now so that would be when I was 36 years young.

Where do you get your ideas?

From real life situations.

What do you want people to see in your writing?

The grace of God and the unconditional love only He can give.

If someone came up to you and said, I have this story I’ve written and I want to get it published. What would you say to them?

I would laugh hysterically and ask them what in the world they are thinking (I am KIDDING!) Seriously, I would say go for it! Don’t hold back! Write the book of your heart.

If you could interview any actor, who would it be, and why?

Hmmm….I kind of like Trent Ford. He’s a cutie and he’d be the guy who would be Dan if my books were made into movies.

If you could be any person in the world, who would want to be, and why?

I like being myself. I would love to be about twenty to thirty pounds thinner, though.

Don't you just love the cover of DANGER AT THE DOOR? That alone makes me want to read the book.

You have several books coming out with Desert Breeze, an e-book publisher. What would you say to someone who thinks e-books are career suicide?

I think that e-books are great because #1 – no book signings are required, 2 – no postage costs are required, 3 – they can release at the same time as other books but require a lot less time in regards to promotion because they aren’t in bookstores, 4 – they reach an entirely different audience. Most people who read e-books don’t read regular hardbound books anymore so they would miss out on my stories if all I wrote were books that were printed and sold in stores.

What books have you written that still need a home?

Not many these days. I’d say three or four.

What do you want people to know about you? And why?

I’m Deb Ullrick’s favorite phone buddy. I want everyone to know I’ve got first dibs on Deb’s telephone time and I’m the only one who can call her gorgeous and mean it (and not be weird about it.)

Tell us a bit about your family.

I’ve got an awesome hubby who packs me a lunch every day for work and who does a lot of stuff around the house so I can write, do the magazine, etc. He’s very supportive. I’ve got two teens (Junior and Senior in High School) and they are great kids!

Tell us about your upcoming books and where we can buy them.

Too many to count at this point. Look me up on and as the books release you will see them added to my author profile. ;)

Okay, that was a lazy answer. Here is the list.

It's Not About Me - (2008)
Danger at the Door - Desert Breeze (August 2009)
It's Not About Him - Sheaf House (Sept 2009)
First Impressions - Desert Breeze (Jan 2010)
In Plain Sight - Desert Breeze (April 2010)
It's Not About Her - Sheaf House (Sept 2010)
First Love -Desert Breeze (Oct 2010)
First Response - Desert Breeze (June 2011)
Lover of My Soul - Sheaf House (2011)

I'm a huge fan of Michelle, and of all of her books. (Hi, Michelle. Waving profusely over here.) This lady has class when it comes to addressing situations that most people don't want to talk about. She pushes things to the edge in a positive way and entertains you at the same time.

Check out all of her books. To purchase them, you can click the links on her website at

Hope you've enjoyed this interview with Michelle. Be sure to check out her website.

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Debra Ullrick 2nd place winner in the 16th Annual Heartsong Awards Favorite New Author category
The Bride Wore Coveralls, 2nd place winner in the 16th Annual Heartsong Awards Favorite Contemporary Romance category
Déjà vu Bride, the sequel to, The Bride Wore Coveralls, Spirit Light Books
Dixie Hearts, Barbour publishing

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Winner of $15 gift certificate is....

...Drum roll please.


The certificate has been sent to the email address you provided. Please let me know when you get it, okay? Thank you.

A ginormous thank you to everyone who participated in Betsy St. Amant's interview.

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Debra Ullrick 2nd place winner in the 16th Annual Heartsong Awards Favorite New Author category
The Bride Wore Coveralls, 2nd place winner in the 16th Annual Heartsong Awards Favorite Contemporary Romance category
Déjà vu Bride, the sequel to, The Bride Wore Coveralls, Spirit Light Books
Dixie Hearts, Barbour publishing


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Talking to the Dead by Bonnie Grove

Don't you just love the cover! I think it's one of the best ones I've seen.

Wow, talk about an excellent book. This one is it.

This commentary will not be written in my normal review style. Why, because I didn’t start out to review this book. I only wanted to let people know that Talking to the Dead is a blow me away, keep me glued in my chair, chewing on my nails, get me a rock to throw at the jerks that are treating Kate so poorly kind of read. All I can say is, I hope they get there's in the end. That poor woman and what she goes through. Isn't there anyone that poor girl can trust? Where's the love? Horsewhipping comes to mind.

What am I talking about? Read the book and find out. It's the best money you'll ever spend.

I know this is cliché, but I don’t care. I literally could not put Talking to the Dead down. Bonnie Grove’s style is fantastic! Her writing is amazing, and her storytelling skills are out of this world!

Fabulous, fabulous job, Bonnie! Can't wait to read your next book.

In case anyone's is wondering, I haven't forgotten about the gift certificate drawing. I've given it a few more days because a few more comments have come in and I want to give everyone a chance to win. I will announce the winner on my blog and I will contact them.

Thank you.

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Debra Ullrick 2nd place winner in the 16th Annual Heartsong Awards Favorite New Author category
The Bride Wore Coveralls, 2nd place winner in the 16th Annual Heartsong Awards Favorite Contemporary Romance category
Déjà vu Bride, the sequel to, The Bride Wore Coveralls, Spirit Light Books
Dixie Hearts, Barbour publishing

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RETURN TO LOVE by Betsy St. Amant

Isn't Betsy the cutest little thing ever? *smiling*

Welcome everyone. What an honor it is for me to host Betsy St. Amant. I've known Betsy for a few years now, and I've read several of her works and absolutely loved everyone of them.

Betsy St. Amant lives in Louisiana and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Her contemporary romance RETURN TO LOVE is under contract with Steeple Hill Love Inspired for a July 2009 release, and the sequel A VALENTINE’S WISH is contracted for a February 2010 release. Betsy has also been published in the Christian Communicator magazine and Praise Reports: Inspiring Real Life Stories of How God Answers Prayer. One of her short stories, Kickboxing or Chocolate, appears in a Tyndale compilation book, and she is also multi-published through The Wild Rose Press. Betsy has a B.A. in Christian Communications and regularly contributes articles to Betsy is a wife, author, new mother, and avid reader who enjoys sharing the wonders of God’s grace through her stories.

What I want to know first, Betsy, is this... When did your love affair with polka dot shoes begin? ~wink wink~

I think the love has always been in my heart! Haha! I just love shoes, and when I found that red and white polka dot pair of heels, well…they complete me. Sigh. ::winks back::

(I can't help it, Betsy, I have this image of a hundred different pairs of unique style, polka dotted shoes, neatly lining your closet shelves. *smiling*)

What is your fantasy dream vacation? And why?

Europe. Germany and Ireland first. There is something so fascinating about those old world countries. Very mysterious and intriguing. I’d probably come back from there with a dozen new story ideas. Wait. Maybe I shouldn’t go until I fulfill my existing contracts first, then. =)

(Who knows, if you go now, you might be inspired to get your other stories completed faster. After all, I bet the castle walls in Ireland have many tales to tell. Enought to keep you busy for quite some time anyway.)

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always known, I think! I started writing when I was seven years old, short stories and poetry and little fun things like that. I haven’t stopped yet!
(I hope you never do, either. *smiling*)

What are some of the challenges you face with your writing as a new mother?

TIME! And ENERGY! The same ol’ that I’m sure every mother faces with whatever career they choose. Even if your baby sleeps really great like mine does, you just stay tired anyway. But eventually, you get used to it and you press on and somehow reserve enough brain power to write books. =) I wouldn’t trade my Little Miss for all the sleep in the world.
(My daughter's thirty years old, and I struggle with some of the same issues. Time and energy. What are those again? It's been so long since I've had them that I've forgotten. hehe)

Any tips for other young mothers who want to pursue a writing career?

Just hang in there! It gets easier. And harder. Wait, that wasn’t very encouraging. Haha! Seriously though, when you make time for God first, He gives you time warps and somehow everything manages to get done. Writing, housework, baby fun time. It really is possible through Christ.

(Excellent advice.)

Any rejections? If so, how did you handle them? And what would you say to someone who’s just received a rejection?

Of course I have them! Enough to wallpaper my house. Or my agent’s. Maybe both. You just shake it off and keep writing! Some bother me more than others. It just depends on if I was already having a rough day. Sometimes I can just close the email file and not think about it again, other times I will get another Diet Coke, find some chocolate, and vent to my critique buds before pressing on. But always, always, always – press on. You won’t ever get published if you quit submitting.

(No truer words were ever spoken. Or more frustrating. hehe)

Has publishing changed your life? If so, how?

It’s made life much more interesting and crazy, to be sure! All in good ways. Having to meet deadlines is actually working well for me. I’m apparently an “under pressure” type of writer. Haha. It’s also changed my life in a very positive way because between my book sales and my fireman hubby’s new second job, I’m going to stay home with my daughter and write full time! What an amazing blessing. God is good. As of July 2nd, I’ll be an official stay at home mommy! I can’t wait. If you ever met my little girl, you’d understand. She’s addicting. =)

(I can so relate. I'm much better under pressure too. That's when I do my best work.)

If a person came to you and expressed a desire to write, what would you say to them?

Run away!! Haha! Just kidding. I would say embrace your dream. Why not? Go for it. I believe God gives us dreams for a reason and we should honor Him with the talents we’ve received. So work it, sister! Join our crazy club!
(Run away works for me too. hehe Jivin' right back at ya.)

We already know that your husband is your hero, when and where did you meet? And when did you fall in love with him? At first sight? Do you believe in love at first sight?

I want to say I believe in love at first sight, but I just don’t. It’s a romantic notion, to be sure, but I feel that true love is so much more than chemistry. There is definitely chemistry at first sight! But not love. Not REAL love. That takes commitment. Its more of a choice, I suppose. I guess that’s a bummer for a romance author to say! Haha. For my husband and me, we were friends first through church and then best friends in high school before dating. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out at age 18, he was right there beside me, bringing me chick flicks (and watching them with me!) and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Then he mowed the yard for my parents and my dad told me he was a keeper. So I listened. =)

(The chocolate chip ice cream would have sealed the deal for me. hehe)

Where did you get your idea for, RETURN TO LOVE?

I knew I wanted to write a love story about two childhood best friends finding their way back to each other. I first determined I wanted the setting to be in New Orleans, as that is a special city to me and my husband. (he proposed there!) Somehow the pieces all came together after that—with some revisions from my editor, of course! =)

Tell us about your book?

RETURN TO LOVE is about a woman who works as the penguin keeper at the Aquarium of the Americas. She is hosting a fundraiser gala to earn money for displaced penguins upstate. Unfortunately, her gala’s success—and the fate of her beloved birds—all boils down to her childhood best friend’s involvement. Carter is a famous musician who left the big time after turning his life over to God, and now he’s back in New Orleans for Gracie’s heart. But she’s still clinging to the broken pieces and refuses to trust him again. Will a batch of penguins and the mischievous intervention of her church’s youth group help Carter and Gracie return to love? Find out July 1st! =)

Upcoming books? Tell us about them, please.

With pleasure! Obviously my July release is RETURN TO LOVE. The sequel releases February 2010 for Valentine’s day, and is appropriately titled A VALENTINE’S WISH. Its Lori’s love story—Gracie’s best friend from RETURN TO LOVE, and is also set in New Orleans in a chocolate boutique in the French Quarter. Lori begins receiving gifts from a secret admirer. Are the gifts from the handsome Italian chef in the kitchen? Lori’s youth pastor best friend? Or her ex-fiancé, back for a second chance?

Also, I have a new story contracted for April 2010, entitled RODEO SWEETHEART, about a young woman desperate to save her family’s business—and the city slicker real estate agent from New York who is just as determined to buy it out from under her.

I’m sure you have many favorite books by other authors, would you be willing to name one, and tell us what it was you loved about that particular book and author?
The one that jumps to mind immediately is THE SHAPE OF MERCY by Susan Meissner. It’s a haunting, intriguing tale of a college student who is transcribing the diary of a young girl from the Salem Witch trials. It’s just fascinating. I highly recommend reading it.

My review of, RETURN TO LOVE:

I didn’t know Penguins had feathers. I do now though, thanks to Betsy St. Amant’s sweet romance story, Return To Love. This novel is definitely a “grab your favorite soda pop and chocolate bar” kind of read.

Betsy St. Amant is a talented and gifted writer and it definitely shows in her amazing novel, Return To Love.

I loved the whole concept of a “woman scorned” theme. Well actually, was Gracie Broussard really scorned? Because things aren’t as they appear, that’s for sure, and there’s more than meets the eye here. But what? Just when things look like they couldn’t possibly get worse, they do. Gracie’s finds herself, and the future of her precious penguins, at the mercy of her enemy, a man she despises, a man she wants absolutely nothing to do with. Will her heart get trampled all over again in the process? Or has the man really changed, or is it all a performance? After all, performance is his gig. Or is it? Gracie discovers something about someone she has always respected and loved? Who will she believe? A ghost? Or the man who betrayed her and crushed her heart?

When Carter Alexander spots Gracie feeding the Penguins, it’s purely by accident. Or is it divine intervention? As a changed man, he tries desperately to prove that to Gracie, but she’s not buying it. Can he use his past to save their relationship and the penguins that Gracie loves so dearly? Or will the scars of the past destroy everything?

Have I piqued your interest? Good. Now, if you want to know the answers to these questions, then make haste and purchase a copy of, Return To Love, to find out. You won’t regret it. (Sorry, the link thing on my blogger isn't working. To purchase a copy or to go to Betsy's website or blog, please copy and paste the addy's below.)

And last but definitely not can people find you on the Internet?

Thank you, Betsy. I look forward to reading your next book.

God bless.

Until next time...

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Debra Ullrick, 2nd place winner in the 16th Annual Heartsong Awards Favorite New Author category
The Bride Wore Coveralls, 2nd place winner in the 16th Annual Heartsong Awards Favorite Contemporary Romance category
Déjà vu Bride, the sequel to, The Bride Wore Coveralls, Spirit Light Books
Dixie Hearts, Barbour publishing