Sunday, August 12, 2012

FOREWARNED by Debra Ullrick

After a near fatal accident in the Colorado wilderness, Jasmine Moore can no longer endure the harsh Steamboat Springs winters. Unable to get out much because of pain, she goes online in hopes of finding some new friends to fill the void the long, lonely winters bring. A budding friendship develops, and soon, Jasmine finds herself in danger.
Jack Warren is in love with Jasmine and has been for years. When he discovers she’s talking to strangers on the Internet, a pit fills his stomach, signaling something’s not right about one particular person. Can he convince her to give up her budding friendship before it’s too late? Will she ever come to love him as more than just a friend?

                … if only she had listened …

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P.S. The beautiful lady on the cover is my daughter. Here's the full picture and another one of what she looks like.

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FOREWARNED (coming soon)
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