Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bay Hideaway by Beth Loughner

Heartsong, Heartsong, get down with your awesome self. I've read about fifteen Heartsong Presents books lately and every one has been captivating. Whatever your doing Barbour publishing keep it up. It's working. However, I've got to stop picking up your books, especially at 11 PM. Reading until 1:15 AM is ridiculous. And yet, I must confess, that is precisely what I've done. And today, I had every intention of working on my WIP, In Love With The Hired Hand. But nooooo, I thought I'd read just one or two more chapters of Beth's book. Well... deep sigh... I couldn't help myself. I read a whole lot more than that. I finished it. And my story is still untouched. Sheesh.

Bay Hideaway gripped me from the beginning with the resurrected dead. Yeppers. That's what happened. Am I going to tell you more? Nope.

Okay, maybe just a tad bit more. What does a ruby brooch, threatening letters, a deceased wife, an engaged politician, a loving, nosey old woman, a bossy old codger who isn't what he appears to be, and a small community on Lake Erie all have in common? A really entrancing story, that's what. Did you really think I would tell you? haha NOT!

Sighing heavily over here. It's four in the afternoon. Do I work on my story, or start reading, Lonely In Longtree by Jill Stengl? Let's see... Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo, which... I can't stand it! This is a no-brainer. Lonely in Longtree... ready or not, here I come.


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Monday, February 19, 2007

I finished Midnight Angel by Betsy Ann St. Amant

Sniffy sniffy. I'm heartbroken that it's over. It was SO good! And, oo la la, that hunky German hero. What a hotty.

Okay, seriously. Hmmm. Yes. Um. Seriously. The story was... Okay, concentrate Debra, put on your serious face. Okay... Let's see. Betsy Ann St. Amant's story is a sweet, suspenseful, romance that... that what? ... ah heck... forget serious. Here's my opinion on her story.

I loved it! Delicious, sweet romance is woven throughout the story. And the suspense is just enough that your fingernails remain in tact. I highly recommend this hot-fudge, loaded-with-the-works story.

Madison, an interior decorator, deals with trust issues. Her wealthy father has never given her the time of day. Who would of thought that purchasing something as simple as a stuffed angel off of eBay would start a chain of events that threatens Madison's life. And what is so important about this particular angel that two desperado's will do anything to get it back? Later on, when tragedy strikes, Madison discovers some devastating news that dramatically changes her life and sends her love life into a tail spinning abyss. Can Madison ever forgive her father and Carsten?

Carsten, aka hunky German hero, Prince Charming, and all around mysterious gorgeous specimen of a man is hired to protect Madison. Knowing Madison's issues with trust, he fears she will discover his deceptive secret, and that he'll lose his midnight angel. The very angel, who has coveted his thoughts and dreams ever since that enchanting evening in Germany six years ago. After spending a yummy, romantic evening, Madison disappears. Carsten's failure to protect Madison dredges up painful memories and unforgiveness. When demands are made to save Madison, Carsten sells something of great value. But is it too late? ~~~ AS IF! I'll never tell. You have to buy it and find out for yourself. You won't be sorry.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

I didn't think things could get any worse...

...boy was "I" wrong. Disaster has struck big time, and Madison needs our prayers. Wait! Sheesh. Bopping myself in the forehead. She's only a character, Debra. Only a character. Remember that. Take a deep breath. Relax. Yeah right. How can I relax when Madison's life is in danger! And Prince Charming is a thing of the past. Or is he? Gotta run. I have to find out.

By the way... I'm almost done reading Midnight Angel. While I can't wait to find out what happens, I'm sad that I'm almost done with Betsy Ann St. Amant's fantastic, slightly suspenseful, love story. :-( Now, Betsy, you wouldn't want me to get too sad, would ya? Okay, then... get those fingers to typin', so I can read more of your wonderful stories.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


I just had to come and tell you more. Madison goes on a long journey with someone. BUT... things aren't what they seem. And boy is she gonna be mad when she finds out the truth. Manure is going to hit the fan~~~or~~~something. (By the way, I just gave you a tiny, little, teeny weenie, itsy bitsy, smidgen-of-a-hint where she goes. ~wink wink~)

Curious yet? Good. Come closer~~~Come on, come on, a little bit closer. Don't be afraid. I don't bite. Okay, smarty pie. That last bite doesn't count. So come on, just one more step. Good. Now lean your ear toward me. Wow. What kind of shampoo is that? It smells like sweet apples. Okay, okay, don't get your girdle in a knot and your attitude in a snit. I want to tell you something really, really important. Lend me your ear again. Are you ready? Okay. Here goes. Go buy Midnight Angel by Betsy Ann St. Amant. And don't tell too many people or otherwise there won't be a copy left for you to buy. See. ~cheeky grin~ I told you it was really important. Ewwww I'm SO mean. I know, I know. But hey...what can I say except...

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YIKES!! Midnight Angel update

All in the same day, Madison receives a strange phone call about a "certain" object, a long ago encounter shows up at her office wanting her services, and her NY apartment's been broken into. Could these three possibly be connected? AS IF! Did you really think "I" would tell you? Find out for yourself. You won't be sorry.

Betsy, you've done a fantastic job! D a r n you anyway. hehe I have stuff to do and I don't want to do any of it because your story is sooooooo awesome!

Until next time....

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Writer's phrases

I wrote the ACFW loop and asked them if they ever get bogged down in writing the same ole body, eye, and emotional descriptions. (I asked them a bit differently than this, but close enough. *smiling*)

Well, I laughed so hard when a literary agent said, "Deb, you're missing the obvious. You steal from other writers." Oh my gosh! And that coming from a literary agent. What a hoot. Now why didn't "I" think of that? hehe Actually, there have been times when I've written certain phrases, actions, and such from other authors. I only tried rewording it differently.

My dilemma still clings to me though. After all, just how many different ways are there to explain ~~ he crossed his arms. And men seem to always stand with their arms crossed and their feet spread. While observing several different men, business men, millionaires, construction workers etc, I noticed that most men usually communicate with their eyes and facial features. And yet, when I shared this with a dear friend, she told me that she never noticed any emotion in her husband's eyes but in his body language. ARGGGHHH! Calgon, take me away. Sheesh. I really need to find another way of saying this. See. See what I mean. A perfect example. Okay, so it's a not so perfect example, but you get my drift.

So, anyone up for a challenge? If so, post some of the unique ways you write your character's emotions~~~their body/eye movements. Ready? Then get those creative juices flowing~~~~~~

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Midnight Angel by Betsy Ann St.Amant

Wow... I just started reading Betsy Ann St. Amant's Midnight Angel. What a fantastic story so far. Betsy captured my attention immediately. Her American heroine, Madison Lawrence, takes a late night stroll in Germany and ends up at an elequant clock tower with a beautiful display of fountains. A tall muscular man heads toward Madison. Not knowing whether she should flee or not, she prepares to bolt just in case. But then the mysterious, hunky-poo man, with his strong German accent claims to be her Prince Charming. Of course there's more to it than that, but hey, you should know the routine by now. Yeppers. You got it. Read the story and find out. I'm so mean. But, hey, GET OVER IT! hehe

Okay, I'd like to stick around here and "talk" some more, but I have a book to read.

So... Until next time...

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. A lot is happening around here. So bear with me. I will post soon.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Final review of, The Guy I'm Not Dating, by Trish Perry

Kara-- Physical trainer, klutz extraordinaire, but only in front of the guy she's so not dating.

Gabe-- Hot, sexy, caring, hunk-of-a-man, who is so not the guy dating Kara. Huh? Then just what are these two to each other? As if?!! Read, The Guy I'm Not Dating, to find out.

Jeremy-- British man... Hottie McLicious, who every woman shoves aside because he's... nice? Surely not. And just how does he fit into Kara's life?

Ren-- Best friend to Kara and almost divorcee. Or is she divorced? Hmmm. Also, Friend/co-worker to Jeremy, aka, Hottie McLicious. Potential romance between them? Does the book even mention that? And how does Kara fit into this threesome? I'll never tell. *smiling coyly"

Tiffany-- Pain in the backside and all out annoying bomb-shell, who wants Gabe all to herself. Can the sometimes breathy Marilyn Monroe imitator capture Gabe's heart? If you think I'm going to tell you, then you have another think coming. *grin*

Rachelle, Ricco, and Jake-- Cause of road trip. Seven, soon eight, almost strangers and some family members head from Virginia to Florida, where one will be added, and one will be left. Soon, another is added and four are left. Later, three are left. And then there was one. Which one? And who are all of these people, heading on this wild road trip, where one rescues a little girl from a squirrel. Or was that a badger? ~wink wink~ I know, but I'll never tell. You have to read the book and find out for yourself. Oh yeah, will the ones bitten by the critter have to endure a series of rabies shots? Hmmm.

Addie-- Oh! Oh! You'll love Addie! She's one amazingly forgetful, eccentric, bossy, fun-loving aunt. Or is she a friend? hmmmm. Just exactly who is this Addie woman to Kara, Morine, Stan and Lurlene? And who are THESE people? Well, buy the book and find out. *cheeky grin*

And last by not least, and perhaps not even lastly, I would be no kind of person if I didn't warn you about some things first. #1. You must give yourself oodles amount of uninterrupted time to read, The Guy I'm Not Dating. #2. You must not eat while reading, as to avoid choking while laughing hysterically. And, #3... please note that when you've finished reading this fantastic, amazingly wonderful, delightfully entertaining story, you will miss every one of these zany characters terribly. Well, maybe not everyone of them. There is one certain auburn-haired person, who shall remain nameless, that you won't miss. But, I guarantee that you will miss everyone else. Especially Addie.

I warned you it might not be lastly. ~wink wink~ Seriously. Make haste. Don't delay. Run, don't walk, to wherever it is you purchase books and get your copy of, The Guy I'm Not Dating. Or,let your fingers do the jogging online and purchase a copy from your favorite Internet vendor. Notice, I said, jogging and not walking. That denotes a sense of urgency. *smiling* Truly, this is one story you won't want to miss.

And finally... aren't you glad... (hehe) Trish Perry, Kudos to you. You are one gifted writer! Your characters are amazing. And the sense of humor you portrayed in this story is a giggle a minute. A hoot every five. And a belly laugh every ten. Thanks for sharing your story with us. And thank you for Addie. *smiling*

To the rest of you... Happy Reading!