Thursday, April 19, 2007


Did that grab your attention? I thought it might. ~cheeky grin~ That's the title of Sharon Dunn's latest book. And let me tell you, it was a fun mystery! Wait! Did I just say fun and mystery in the same sentence? Hmmmm...Oxy-moron? Or truth? You decide.

Let me tell ya... I had an absolute blast reading DEATH OF A GARAGE SALE NEWBIE. The characters were zany, a little eccentric, crazy, murderous, sweet, a little on the wacky side, young, old, fat, skinny, and a whole lot of fun.

Trust me, you won't want to miss this one. Sharon does an amazing job with description, characterization, plot, and humor. Her wild imagination and unique mystery style makes DEATH OF A GARAGE SALE NEWBIE a must read. In fact, I can't wait for Sharon Dunn's BARGAIN HUNTER MYSTERIES SERIES #2 to come out!

Now... I want to ask you a question. And this is a really long question. So... draw a deep breath. Ready? Okay. What does four obsessive/compulsive garage sale ladies, a Mickey Mouse fishing pole, a shell box, an arrogant lawyer, a French lady who breaks into houses, a bow and arrow, an wannabe inventor, a lonely old woman and her deceased husband's photo album, a shopping mall, and the death of a lady all of have in common? hehe If you want to know...

MAKE HASTE! Zip down to your local bookstore and buy a copy today. And if you don't have a local bookstore... I'll pray for you... then go online and log onto,, or wherever it is you buy books from and pick up a copy. You won't be sorry.

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Monday, April 09, 2007


In this story, Laney is in love with Galen. But Galen only sees her as his best friend's tag-a-long sister. For years, Laney claims the scripture, Delight yourself in the Lord and He'll give you the desires of your heart. Trust also in Him and He will bring it to pass. However, when some squatters come to live on Galen's land, one thing leads to another until all of Laney's hopes are shattered when Galen comes face to face with a shotgun. When things look utterly hopeless for Laney, God takes what the devil meant for evil and brings it to His glory. Just like the story of Joseph in the Bible. What Joseph's brothers meant for his destruction, God turned it around for good by saving a whole nation from severe famine. Laney's heart's desire appears doomed too, until God turns it around for good. Not just for Laney, but for all of those involved. Including the undeserving squatters living on Galen's land.

You have to read the story to find out what I'm talking about. *smiling*

Well, this review is definitely not going to be a normal review, because I'm about to get personal. Before reading BITTERSWEET, I, Debra, was bathed in hopeless. Everything in my life felt as though hell itself had moved into my heart, body, soul, and mind. And that's putting it mildly. Depression, hopelessness, fear, despair and many other unmentionable emotions had become my constant, familiar companions. Then I read BITTERSWEET.

What ministered to me the most in this life-changing story was when I read where Laney had to give up her dreams and hopes and trust that God had something far beyond what she could ever want, it showed me something big time. I saw that I was holding onto my dreams so tightly that I was consumed by them. The more I saw my dreams fading, becoming but a mere shadow of hope, the more desperate, depressed, and hopeless I'd become. Like Laney, it was only after I released my hopes and dreams to God, and truly chose to believe and trust that He has something better for me, that I experienced true freedom. My burden's been lifted. And hope has replaced the darkness that had overshadowed and consumed my life. When we truly let go and allow God to take charge of our lives, then, and only then, is God free to work on our behalf.

BITTERSWEET by CATHY MARIE HAKE, is a story about hope, love, redemption, trust, and true Christian charity. But mostly, it's about letting go and letting God no matter how hopeless things look. And that God is a God of second chances... of third chances... of fourth, fifth and so on.

Therefore, I suggest that anyone who is struggling with any of these issues buy this book. And even if you aren't struggling, and you're just looking for a great story with class, style, adventure, and fantastic characters, then BITTERSWEET is for you.

I highly recommend it!

Thank you, Cathy. I love you dearly.

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