Monday, January 26, 2009

Love Finds You in Humble, Texas by Anita Higman

Spring breezes and sunshine smiles.

That's what Love Finds You in Humble, Texas is.

Anita Higman's business card says, "Characters you can sink your heart into." That describes the characters in this book to a "T". In fact, I already miss them.

What happens when two sisters fall in love with the same man? One has Mason's heart, but gives it to another. Or does she? And will he get it back? If so, what happens to the heartbroken sister? Will love find her, too? A gift Mason gives heals a heart of guilt. What gift? And who does it heal?

Trudie thinks she's from another planet. Why?

Lane helps to build up her sister's image. What am I talking about? And at what cost?

Then there's Wiley and his protein bars. Wiley, and an African American boy Cyrus, dramatically change Trudie's life. How?

A tiara holds a secret from the past. What secret?

Bloomers Boutique makes a huge sale. To whom, and for what?

Rainbows, and the song Unforgettable are symbolic, and so romantic. For whom? And why?

An unusual career causes women to flee. For whom? And just what is this career change?

Well, did I ask you enough questions to wet your appetite?

If you want to know the answers to all these questions, you have to read Love Finds You in Humble, Texas. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

If you love spending time with amazing characters, then this book is for you. Plus, there are several valuable lessons in Love Finds You in Humble, Texas that you'll have to discover for yourself. My own life, is forever changed because of this amazing story by Anita Higman.

So thank you, Anita. Keep up the awesome work.

Until next time...

See ya ~~~

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Touched beyond measure

It is with humble tears I post. We just never know whose lives our books will touch. Sometimes we writers ask ourselves..."Why am I doing this? Why do I put myself through all this aggravation? And for what?"

Well, here's for what...

This is an email that my precious niece wrote to me concerning Déjà vu Bride. With her permission, I'm posting her email.

~ ~ ~

Aunt Debbie,

I wanted to let you know how incredible I thought your new book was! I absolutely LOVED every page of it! I wasn't sure that it was possible, but I too think this book was even better than "The Bride Wore Coveralls". Not only was the book entertaining, vivid, and humorous, it really ministered to me. It was a reminder that I've been letting God slip out of my life. Livvy pushed God out when circumstances were bad - I realized I push Him out when things are good. While reading, I was in tears thinking about how tremendously God has blessed my life. He has given me THE most amazing son, saw me through the loss of my mother, given me the gift of true love, and delivered me from my own self destruction. How can I forget to thank Him? The second something goes wrong I immediately turn to God, but when everything is going okay I seem to almost forget about Him. Reading your book has shown me that I need to remember to praise God daily. I thank you for the revelation, it has changed me. Thanking God each day not only brings me closer to Him it reminds me not to take my blessings fore granted.

I am very impressed with your descriptive abilities. Reading your books are like watching a movie in my mind's eye. I also love the characters you develop, very realistic and unique. I am just so proud of you and very excited for you too! It's amazing to see you continue to blossom with each book. Now I'm in the midst of agonizing anticipation waiting for your the next one. LOL! I love love love you Auntie, keep up the awesome work!


Mandee : )

~ ~ ~

Amanda, I love you so very dearly. Thank you for reminding ME why I write. Not just because I love it, but for the very reason you emailed about. So... here's to putting aside the aggravation and frustration that accompanies the writing journey at times. Because of you and Jesus, I am going to...

Write on!

Until next time....

See ya~~~

Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm so excited. My story,

The Bride Wore Coveralls,
placed in the...

16th Annual Heartsong Awards:

Favorite Contemporary Romance category

2nd place~The Bride Wore Coveralls

Favorite New Author

2nd place~Debra Ullrick

Favorite Cover design

3rd place~The Bride Wore Coveralls

Plus, Dixie Hearts, which features, The Bride Wore Coveralls by Debra Ullrick,

Southern Sympathies by Andrea Boeshaar,

and A Matter of Security by Kay Cornelius

is now available.

You can purchase a copy of Dixie Hearts at:

or at your local bookstore.

Plus, you can buy autographed copies directly from me.

If you would like a chance to win a free copy of either Dixie Hearts or Déjà vu Bride (The sequel to The Bride Wore Coveralls, leave a comment and let me know which title/titles you want your name entered for, and I will add your name to the drawing. If you cannot leave a comment, you can send your request to my email address at christianromancewriter (at) gmail (dot) com (Leave out the spaces and put @ and .com

When leaving a comment, please leave your contact information, and please do it in code, like I did my email address. Use dashes or brackets. Thank you.

Also, if you would like to buy a copy of Déjà vu Bride the shipping is much cheaper when you order it directly through me. Or you can buy the downloadable version. Go to ~ Click on Bookstore ~ then scroll down to Déjà vu Bride.

Thank you for stopping by.

May your days be filled with happy thoughts and sunshine smiles.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Woo hoo! I'm so excited. Dixie Hearts is now available.

Dixie Hearts features my novel, The Bride Wore Coveralls, along with two other delightful stories by Andrea Boeshaar and Kay Cornelius.

From the rural swampland, to a charming small town, to a corporate high-rise, romance is brewing a passel of trouble for three women. When Lydia Boswick appears to be a vulnerable widow, three men take notice of her needs-and potential wealth. As Leslie Christopher rises on the corporate ladder, the threat of danger increases, attracting the attention of two men. When Camara Cole challenges her fellow racers, she could lose her vehicle-and her heart-to her greatest competitor. Enjoy the ride as you follow these Alabama women along the rocky road to love.

You can purchase an autographed copy by contacting me via my website,, or you can purchase it at,,,,, or your local bookstore.

Until next time...

See ya~~~
Debra Ullrick