Saturday, August 27, 2011



Robin won a copy of Christmas Belles of Georgia and Bella won a copy of A Log Cabin Christmas.

Robin and Bella, to collect your prize, please email your address to christianromancewriter [at] gmail [dot]com

As soon as I get them, I will send the books off. Please note: Because you didn't leave your contact information, if I don't hear back from you by August 31st, I will pick new winners.

Thank you everyone who entered to win.

God bless you all.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Experience Christmas through the eyes of adventuresome settlers who relied on log cabins built from trees on their own land to see them through the cruel forces of winter. Discover how rough-hewed shelters become a home in which faith, hope, and love can flourish. Marvel in the blessings of Christmas celebrations without the trappings of modern commercialism where the true meaning of the day shines through. And treasure this exclusive collection of nine Christmas romances penned by some of Christian fiction’s best-selling authors.

Quadruplets adopted at birth receive letters to claim their inheritance—and the family they never knew. Holly feels betrayed by the news, while Carol prays for a loving family. Starr thinks it’s a hoax, and Noelle needs a break from a hopeless situation. But each will receive the gift of love at Christmas.

If you'd like to win a free copy of A Log Cabin Christmas and Christmas Belles of Georgia, leave a comment. However, there is a catch to this drawing. You must be willing to be an influcencer for these awesome books. An influencer is someone who is willing to promote the book, by telling their friends, family, or writing a positive review, etc. If that's you, then leave your name along with your contact information and I will add your name to the drawing.

Good luck!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Whoo hoo! Yippee skippy!

I'm so excited. I got my author copies today. The A Log Cabin Christmas cover and antique looking paper are striking! The Christmas Belles of Georgia cover is beautiful too!

I'm going to have a giveaway for a free copy of each one to someone who is willing to be an influencer for them. Just so you know, an influencer is someone who agrees to promote your book. If that's you, leave a comment, telling me why you would like to read them, or which one you would like to read, and I'll add your name to the drawing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Soul Surfer movie

If you haven't watched the movie Soul Surfer, based on a true story of a shark attack who lived to tell about it, then you've got to see it. I've watched it twice already. So-o-o inspirational and encouraging. Plus, it's a great family movie. No swear words, sex scenes or anything. About time Hollywood got it right. *smiling*

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

I'm a Twitterin'! Yippee!

Okay, so don't laugh, but my dear friend Staci Stallings told me how to Twitter. And, I must I ever feel stupid. It's so easy a child could do it. THANKS, STAC! I luv ya, girl!!!

Until next time...

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Debra, who really would rather be known from this moment on as Debi. That is how I spelled my name all through school and up until someone suggested I use Debra on all my books. Debra is how my mother addressed me when I was in trouble. I so prefer Debi. *smiling*

Twitter - ing

Yep, you read it right. Twittering. I signed up for Twitter. And now I just have to figure out how to do it. Since I'm a hands on learner, that's going to be difficult without help. But ... with the grace of God, hopefully He'll be merciful to me and send someone to walk me through the process, cuz the only thing that's twittering right now is me heart just thinking about how to do it. *smiling*

To show you how ignorant I am of the thing, I'm not even sure what my ID is on Twitter. If it's under my name or the nickname I normally use. Sigh. All this technology is hard on the brain. Especially this one. hehe

Well, until next time...

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

More additions ~ YAY~

Well, I finally got a few pictures up and also a Contact and Guestbook page.

Now, if I could just get in the habit of blogging. If there is something you'd like to hear about on my blog, please let me know, okay?

God bless you and yours.

Until next time...

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Stories to Romance the Heart by author Debra Ullrick
The Unexpected Bride - Sequel is - The Unlikely Wife (Jan 2012)
A Log Cabin Christmas, Christmas Belles of Georgia (Sept 2011)
Dixie Hearts, The Bride Wore Coveralls - Sequel is - Déjà vu Bride

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New Website

Well, I've been playing around with website ideas, tried a few hosting companies, and decided I liked my blog the best. So, please bear with me, it is still under construction. I will be adding a contact page, photos, links, and hopefully a guestbook page.

Thanks for stopping by...

Until next time...

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