Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lightning and Lace by DiAnn Mills

WOOOOO WEEEE! ~~~ In Lightning and Lace, what is the new pastor, with his shaggy hair and bearded disguise, hiding from all the good people of Kahlerville, Texas? Is he a good man or an evil man? Will any of his new congregation be harmed by the secret demons of his past?

Someone is badly beating an ex-brothel woman. But who?
I have my suspicions, but I'm NOT tellin'.

Poor Zach. An innocent boy gone bad. What evil lurks inside of him? And why? Can the beggar-looking pastor help him?

Then there's the town banker ~~~ Is he creating a list of enemies? How? And will the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing's threats cause Bonnie to continue with her sinful secret? Or does she break free and start fighting back, even though there will be consequences to pay? ~~~~ AS IF! Did you really think I'd tell? NO WAY JOSE!

If you haven't done so, then what are you waiting for? What am I talking about? Buying Lightning and Lace by DiAnn Mills of course.

What a unique way DiAnn has with metaphors and similes that fit the time period and story line. And her character's are incredibly intriguing for sure.
DiAnn definitely peaks your interest and maintains it throughout the story.
I've read all but one of her Heartsong Presents book and they were all fantastic! The only reason I didn't read one of them was because I didn't have it. Simple enough, huh? hehe (By the way, this story isn't by Heartsong Presents. However, you can get it from or at your local bookstore.)

So, what are you waiting for?

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Debra Ullrick said...

DiAnn Mills tried to post this comment on my blog and wasn't able to. So I'm doing it for her.
DiAnn said,
"So you think you have it all figured out? Life isn't always what it seems."