Wednesday, February 04, 2009

PICTURE TAG! I'M IT. And you will soon be too! Mwwaaahhhhhaaa.*scary eh?* hehe

Okay, so, I'm suppose to got to my Picture Folders and pick the Fifth Folder, then the Fifth photo. Well, are you ready for this? My fifth folder is my KISSING FOLDER. How kewl is that? Especially with Valentine's Day just right around the corner. Besides, it's just soooo000 romanitical. Don't you think?

Hehe ~~~ I love it.

And now for the unveiling...drum roll please.


And now I'm tagging...

Tracy Ruckman

Staci Stallings

Lena Nelson Dooley

Ane Mulligan

Dennis Bates

Michelle Sutton


So, if you choose to accept this assignment, go to your Pictures Folder, Find the Fifth Folder, open it and find the Fifth picture, and post it on your blog. Then Picture Tag five more people.

Have fun. I did.

Until next time...

See ya~~~


Southern-fried Fiction said...

Oh, now this could be very funny. :D

Holly Magnuson said...

This is hilarious! What a fun idea!