Monday, January 26, 2009

Love Finds You in Humble, Texas by Anita Higman

Spring breezes and sunshine smiles.

That's what Love Finds You in Humble, Texas is.

Anita Higman's business card says, "Characters you can sink your heart into." That describes the characters in this book to a "T". In fact, I already miss them.

What happens when two sisters fall in love with the same man? One has Mason's heart, but gives it to another. Or does she? And will he get it back? If so, what happens to the heartbroken sister? Will love find her, too? A gift Mason gives heals a heart of guilt. What gift? And who does it heal?

Trudie thinks she's from another planet. Why?

Lane helps to build up her sister's image. What am I talking about? And at what cost?

Then there's Wiley and his protein bars. Wiley, and an African American boy Cyrus, dramatically change Trudie's life. How?

A tiara holds a secret from the past. What secret?

Bloomers Boutique makes a huge sale. To whom, and for what?

Rainbows, and the song Unforgettable are symbolic, and so romantic. For whom? And why?

An unusual career causes women to flee. For whom? And just what is this career change?

Well, did I ask you enough questions to wet your appetite?

If you want to know the answers to all these questions, you have to read Love Finds You in Humble, Texas. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

If you love spending time with amazing characters, then this book is for you. Plus, there are several valuable lessons in Love Finds You in Humble, Texas that you'll have to discover for yourself. My own life, is forever changed because of this amazing story by Anita Higman.

So thank you, Anita. Keep up the awesome work.

Until next time...

See ya ~~~

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