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A PASSION DENIED by Julie Lessman

Julie Lessman has done it again. A Passion Denied, is smokin’ hot, has more twists and turns than a roller coaster on speed, and more passion than newlyweds on their honeymoon. But the passion isn’t just physical; it’s spiritual, emotional, and logical, with a twist of vixen and seduction. Julie takes passion to the edge. An edge you want to revisit time and again.

I absolutely love reading stories where strong romance is threaded throughout the entire book. A Passion Denied, is definitely one of the best of this kind. I know this will sound clichĂ©, but I truly could not put this book down. Julie’s characters are unforgettable, and there wasn’t one boring spot in the entire 475 pages. And the other two in the, Daughters of Boston series, are equally as fabulous as this one. So if you haven’t read, A Passion Most Pure, Book 1, and, A Passion Redeemed, Book 2, you’ve got to make haste and get them.

In, A Passion Denied, things aren’t as they appear. Secret webs of betrayals, lies, deceptions, seductions, stolen kisses, passions denied, and haunting pasts are spun throughout this book, and only God’s miraculous power can change things.

The heroine, Lizzie O’Connor is in love with John Brady and has been since she was thirteen. But John doesn’t return her love and sees her only as his little sister. Can she convince him she’s not a little girl anymore, but a woman—a woman in love?

Demons from the hero’s past haunt John, perpetually tormenting and ravishing his spirit, soul, and body. Those same demons have him fleeing from the opposite sex like a rabbit being pursued by a starving bobcat. Why? What’s he so afraid of? Will he ever be free to love? Or is John called to live a life of service to God, a service that means he can never marry? Or is he running away from something…or someone? If so, whom or what?

Charity is up to her old tricks. Is that bad or good?

Faith’s husband, Collin, is on a mission to get his wife pregnant. Is it because he really wants children, or are other motives at work here?

Patrick O’Connor discovers a hidden secret that threatens to destroy his twenty-seven year marriage to Marcy, the respect of his children, and his walk with God. What is this secret?

These are just a few teasers to whet your appetite. If you want to know the answers to these question, then purchase a copy of, A Passion Denied, to find out the answers. You won’t be sorry.

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