Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love Finds You In Snowball, Arkansas

Sweet, fun, and fabulous! That's what Love Finds You In Snowball, Arkansas is!

I love this story by Sandra D. Bricker. I laughed SO hard. I snickered often. And I giggled a zillion times. Several Oooo’s and Ahhh’s departed from my lips too. Along with a few…Oh my’s!

This really is a book to: grab a blanket, curl up in a chair in front of the fire, and drink a glass of Betty Sue’s Hot Apple Cider. What’s Betty Sue’s hot Apple Cider you say? Well, read the book and find out.

Love Finds You In Snowball, Arkansas ministered to me in so many ways. One of the things I really gleaned from it was Lucy’s prayer journal. I have to start one like that. I love that Lucy was so honest with God, and that she signed each prayer/letter to the Lord in a unique way. How you might ask? As if! Buy the book and find out.

Love Finds You In Snowball, Arkansas has several to-die-for recipes and even a few cooking tips. One I found extremely helpful and interesting.

And boy, howdy, does Lucy ever get into some pretty unique, precarious predicaments. Lucille Ball and the I Love Lucy show has nothing on Lucy Binoche.

Such as a laptop and a wild moose encounter. But is it really a moose? And was does the laptop have to do with anything?

Or, fish with evil eyes. Or was it just a small mouth bass?

How about—invisible bugs that leave itchy bug bites all over you. Huh?

Better yet—Lucy gets whacked in the head by something that no one would ever want to get whacked in the head with. What is it?

If you want to know the answer to these questions, then buy the book to find out. You won’t be sorry.

And if you want to read a story that’s filled with adventure, love, romance, humor, giggles, friendships, and dessert, then Love Finds You In Snowball, Arkansas by Sandra D. Bricker is the story for you.

Fabulous, fabulous story!!!

Until next time...

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