Friday, October 31, 2008

Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins

Is, Darell Brooke, the King of Suspense, now living out of one of his own novels?

If so, are his life and the lives of those he loves now in danger?

And what role does his grandaughter, Kaitlan Sering, play in all of this? Can she be trusted? Or better yet, can Kaitlan trust her grandfather, Darell Brooke?

Can the two of them put their past behind them to trap a murderer?

What role does a beautiful black and green silk scarf play in the murders of so many women?

As if! I'll never tell.

Read, Dark Pursuit, to find out.

Leave it to Brandilyn Collins, the Master Of Suspense, to weave a story around a piece of black and green silk. Dark Pursuit should come with a warning label: Read at your own risk before bedtime. And like Brandilyn says…DON’T FORGET TO BREATH. That’s extremely important to remember while reading, Dark Pursuit, because I found myself holding my breath many times. The fear was so tangible. Everything that happened to these characters happened to me.

If you love suspense, you’ve got to read, Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins. Watch out for anyone carrying a black and green silk scarf. Run! But more importantly... Run out and buy a copy of Dark Pursuit! You won’t be sorry.

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