Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At His Command by Brenda Coulter is an amazing story. A real page turner for sure. Brenda’s voice and style are delightfully unique. Her writing is as fresh and enjoyable as the air after a spring rain. Actually, I can’t say enough good things about this story. There aren’t adequate words. I can say, however, that I absolutely love it. So much so, that now I have to hurry up and buy her other books.

One of the things I love about, At His Command, is how much Brenda honored the heroes who are fighting for our country. Not just the men and women in battle, but the nurses and medical people too. To “see” what our soldiers go through—the guilt they endure when they survive and others around them do not. Their struggles are horrific. Your heart really goes out to them. They may leave the battle, but the war is forever with them. Obviously Brenda has done her research. I learned a lot from reading this book. And yet it didn’t feel like I was being taught a lesson. It was just there. Excellent job, Brenda!

Now, if I make it sound like all you’ll get in this story is a lesson about our soldiers and what they go through, well that’s not true. While it made me appreciate our soldiers, that was only one sweet crumb of this large piece of the cake. There’s still the delicious icing of romance, the fruit of love, and the whip cream of delight.

Another thing I love about this book is Brenda’s expertise in capturing the male point of view. I got to experience how a “real” man thinks and feels. Not just the way we writers want them to. And let me tell you…Jake Hopkins, whooo weeeee, he’s all male. A real hotty to be sure. A hero you want to curl up with. But…Jake’s harboring a secret. A secret he’s paying a high price for. Just what is that secret? And what price is he paying? As if! I’ll never tell. Buy the book to find out.

And then there’s Miss Bubbly Madeline, who so many of us women can relate to. Nurse Maddie takes on the job of making everyone else happy—at her expense of course. Oh, and poor Madeline, to shunned by someone she’s known and cared about for forever. Why would this person treat Maddie so abominably? Especially when even they think she’s such an amazingly sweet loving, optimist? I’ll never tell. You have to buy the book to find out.

One final thing… something is going on in the background that no one knows about—except for those sly creatures of course. God bless their pea-pickin’ hearts. Who are they and what is going on? As if I’d tell.

You have to buy, At His Command, to find out the answers to all of the above questions. You won’t be sorry.

Happy reading!

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Debra Ullrick
The Bride Wore Coveralls
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Brenda Coulter said...

Debra, what a lovely review! Thank you so much. I'll link to it from my blog tomorrow.