Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long Journey Home by Sharleen Maclaren

One of the things I loved about the Long Journey Home is the hero. Because of the deep pain of losing his wife and child, Dan Mattson turns his back not only on his congregation but God as well. When things like this happen to us, we don't always act the way we should. And Dan doesn't either. That's what makes this book so unique. The man's hurting and he acts out of that hurt. You know the old saying, "hurt people, hurt people".

At first Dan comes across like a real jerk. But you don't really see him as one because you understand why he's acting the way he does. But, before you get the idea that the guy isn’t a hotty, think again. In spite of all Dan’s pain and suffering, his tender heart shows up at the sweetest, most unique moments.

I love stories where we get to watch the characters growing throughout the book, and in the Long Journey Home, Dan and Callie both do.


Can two people who have deep-seated trust issues heal enough to find love? Or will their pasts keep them apart?

Dan has a secret? What is it? And will affect his relationship with Callie?
I'll never tell. *smiling*

Callie’s wearing a wedding ring. Is she married? Or isn't she?

Callie risks her life to drop money off in a mailbox. But, why? And who's the money for?

And what does a rabid dog have to do with anything?

Somebody gets stood up for dinner because of an accident. What kind of accident? And did they survive?

The answers to all of these questions can be found by reading the, Long Journey Home—a very romantic, restorative, love story.

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