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DiAnn Mills

When I was a kid, I used to get spanked for lying. Now I get paid for it! Ah, such is the life of a fiction writer. Hi, I’m DiAnn Mills, and I’m excited about Awaken My Heart, my new historical novel published by Avon Inspire.

I live in Texas, the Lone Star State, where history and adventure are carved out of ordinary people and presented in novels and across the screen. Texas provides the perfect setting for tales of adventure. Here you can find cowboys and rodeos, deserts and mountains, bluebonnets and cactus, rattlesnakes and alligators, trail rides and space exploration. The romance and intrigue of those who helped build this State weave powerful stories. You name it, and Texas has it. But it’s the stories about the courageous people who stand tall and make this state what it is today that captures the readers’ attention.

Let me introduce you to my February release!

Awaken My Heart is set in 1803, when Texas was Tejas, a colony ruled by Spain. Indians, Mestizos (native-Spanish lineage), and the elite ruling class of the Spanish lived and died here. The priests living in the Catholic missions helped educate and train the people in various crafts and how to serve God. From this culture was born my story of forbidden love.

Which brings me to one of my greatest heroes—Zorro. Who can forget the handsome, daring masked man who championed the poor and fought the injustices of his people? His flashing sword, generous smile, and chivalry would bend the strongest woman’s resolve. It also helped Zorro’s cause to be portrayed by Antonio Bandera in The Mask of Zorro (1998) and The Legend of Zorro (2005).

Is it no wonder that I call Awaken My Heart my Zorro book? My hero, Armando Garcia, is passionate about the cause of his poverty-stricken people, but his passion also extends to Marianne Wharton, the daughter of a wealthy American rancher. The wealthy and the peasant. The Diablo and his angel. And her daddy ain’t happy. Oops! I mean Marianne’s father is out for blood.

This isn’t the first book I’ve written about historical Texas. The Texas Legacy Series was set in the period of the Old West when lawlessness and unscrupulous characters crawled out from under rocks and attempted to claim the state. I chose unlikely heroes and heroines who made a courageous stand for what they believed in.

Hop into the saddle and grab the reins. This ride will keep you up all night. Let me hear from you!

My review of DiAnn Mills awesome story!

AWAKEN MY HEART is one of thee most romantic books ever written. No wonder DiAnn calls it her Zorro book. However, is Armando Garcia a villain or hero? As if! I'll never tell. You have to read the book to find out.

Does Marianne Wharton see right through Armando's um I mean through his tough man, villainous facade? And if so, what does she find? A friend or a foe?

And, you've heard the expression... If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy. Well, in AWAKEN MY HEART's case the saying goes...If Marianne's daddy ain't happy, nobody's happy. Why? hehe Yeah right.... as if I'd tell. Buy the book and find out.

Can Marianne tame Armando's wild spirit like she tamed her beloved stallion? Does she even want to? Can two total strangers from completely different worlds unite for the sake of a rebel's cause? If so, at what price?

Got ya wondering about, AWAKEN MY HEART? I hope so. Because this is one beautiful story that's filled with passion, tragedy, life, victory, defeat, and love. One you don't want to miss.

Fabulous job, DiAnn! Keep up the awesome work!

If you'd like to win a free autographed copy of, AWAKEN MY HEART, please post a comment below and explain why you want to read it.

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Edgy Inspirational Author said...

LOL! That review was fun and SO uniquely Deb Ullrick. :P

Mindy Obenhaus said...

Why would I want to read this book? Why, because DiAnn wrote it, silly.

Margo Carmichael said...

Ooh, I'd love to read it because I love Zorro and I love Texas. Thanks for the chance to win.

Julie Lessman said...

Deb, throw my name in the hat for this one, please!! Why do I want to read it? Because YOU said it was one of the most romantic books ever written, and I LOVE your taste! Oh, and of course, I've read DiAnn before and KNOW she's a GREAT writer!!