Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Writer's phrases

I wrote the ACFW loop and asked them if they ever get bogged down in writing the same ole body, eye, and emotional descriptions. (I asked them a bit differently than this, but close enough. *smiling*)

Well, I laughed so hard when a literary agent said, "Deb, you're missing the obvious. You steal from other writers." Oh my gosh! And that coming from a literary agent. What a hoot. Now why didn't "I" think of that? hehe Actually, there have been times when I've written certain phrases, actions, and such from other authors. I only tried rewording it differently.

My dilemma still clings to me though. After all, just how many different ways are there to explain ~~ he crossed his arms. And men seem to always stand with their arms crossed and their feet spread. While observing several different men, business men, millionaires, construction workers etc, I noticed that most men usually communicate with their eyes and facial features. And yet, when I shared this with a dear friend, she told me that she never noticed any emotion in her husband's eyes but in his body language. ARGGGHHH! Calgon, take me away. Sheesh. I really need to find another way of saying this. See. See what I mean. A perfect example. Okay, so it's a not so perfect example, but you get my drift.

So, anyone up for a challenge? If so, post some of the unique ways you write your character's emotions~~~their body/eye movements. Ready? Then get those creative juices flowing~~~~~~

Until next time...

See ya~~~~~~~~~~

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