Monday, January 29, 2007

The Guy I'm Not Dating~~~ again. *smiling*

Road trip! Woooo weee ~~ and what a trip! Seven people leave Virginia, headin' to Miami. Soon there will be eight. ~~ha ha~~ Bet ya thought I was gonna tell ya who they were. NOT! You also thought I would tell ya WHY they're headin' to Miami. NO WAY! Read it for yourself. However, I would not be any kind of person if I didn't warn you about something first. Make sure you have lots of time. Cuz once you start readin', you're in for the zaniest "trip" of your life.

Ah, I luv tormentin' all of you. Well, torment isn't really the right word. How about "temptin'". Yeah. That's better.

Okay, now to post about the second book I was reading. I finished it last night. But, I'm not going to tell you about it on this post, it gets its own post...

See ya there~~~~~~

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