Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I just had to write and share what a dear friend said about the two short-short stories posted on my blog. But first, I want to share a bit of background. Two of my main weaknesses when I first started writing were characters and description. Coming up with likeable characters was a huge struggle for me, as I was constantly told they were shallow. Shallow? I needed my dictionary. After finally figuring out that shallow meant they had no depth to them, I strived to create more well rounded characters. As for description... I was mooey-poopey at it too. Either I came up short, or I added way too much description. Well, I must have learned some things because this is what my sweet friend, who had no idea that I struggled in these two areas, said:

"Hi Debi!
It's so much fun to read your work. You have a very descriptive style and fabulously alluring characters! You've been blessed with a beautiful heart and mind, and I believe it's His will that you use them!
I love ya, Cindy"

You can only imagine what this did for me. Talk about encouraging. Woo hoo! Thank you, Cindy! ~~Waving~~

So... I'm off to work on WIP.

Until next time......

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