Tuesday, October 17, 2006

As promised.

Hello again. I decided it was time to post another of my published short-short stories. Please feel free to comment.

God bless you all.

My Pleasure, Ma’am
Debra Ullrick

“Please, let me go,” Allison begged her abductor.
“I can’t.” The man’s voice was kind and sounded vaguely familiar.
The horse stumbled, sending her forward. His arm tightened around her, pulling her snug against his chest. She tried to free herself from his grip, but he secured his hold.
“I promise not to bite,” he said with a low chuckle.
That laughter reminded Allison of someone. But who? Anxious to see her kidnapper, she asked. “Won’t you please remove this blindfold?”
“In a few minutes.” His breath brushed against her ear. “We’re almost there.”
Almost where? Allison wondered. And what did he want? If it was ransom, her controlling uncle was so stingy with his money his billfold had cobwebs. And no one knew about the large fortune her parents had left her, not even her greedy aunt and uncle.
An outlandish thought occurred to her. Here this strange man had kidnapped her from her uncle’s home, and for some odd reason, Allison wasn’t the least bit afraid.
The horse stopped. “Are we there?”
Allison felt him shift his weight on the saddle, and get off the horse. He placed his hands around her waist, gently removed her from the animal, and cradled her in his arms. “Please, put me down.”
“In a minute.” His baritone voice seemed friendly and pleasant.
His footsteps creaked as he carried her up three steps. The realization that this man was taking her into a building, caused Allison’s insides to tremble. God, please keep me safe. As soon as the prayer left her mind, peace filled her whole being.
He seated her onto a hard surface. “I’m going to remove the blindfold now,” he said from behind her.
She squinted against the brightness. Her abductor came around and stood in front of her. Allison looked up at him and gasped.
* * *
Terrence stared at his lovely Allison. The last time they were together was on her birthday, seven years ago. That day they had pledged their love to each other. That day Allison’s controlling uncle had whisked her away. And that day her aunt had told Terrence to stay away from her because she was promised to their business partner. Even now his stomach churned with the memory.
Knowing Allison would never agree to such a thing, Terrence had never stopped searching for her. When he noticed a sign, James Royal Shipping Yards, her uncle’s business, Terrence made inquiries around town, and discovered Allison still lived with her uncle and was still single. He vowed he would find a way for them to be together. And now he had. Of course it wasn’t exactly the way he had planned…but here she was, sitting in front of him, staring at him with wide gray eyes.
* * *
Allison blinked. No wonder that voice and laughter had sounded so familiar. “It is you!” Allison cried. Her heart sang with joy. She leapt off the chair and flew into her beloved Terrence’s arms and boldly kissed him. “Oh, Terrence.” She covered his face with kisses. “When I hadn’t heard from you,” she kissed him some more, “I’d almost given up hope of ever seeing you again,” she rasped before pressing her mouth hard against his.
When she released his lips, her sweet Terrence smiled. “We have an audience,” his peppermint breath mingled with hers.
Allison jerked back and noticed a man wearing a minister’s collar. Her hands flew to her face. Heat rushed into her cheeks.
“Allison, this is my best friend, Pastor Dan. He’s here to marry us.”
“Marry us?” She looked back at Terrence.
“That is…” He smiled shyly. “If you still love me and want me.”
“Love you? Want you?” Her heart melted like ice on a hot day. “Oh, my darling, Terrence. I’ve never stopped loving you…” Her eyes met his. “And I’ve never stopped praying that one day we’d be together again.”
Inside the cobwebbed, dust-laden church with the broken stained glass windows and rickety wooden cross, Terrence got down on one knee and clasped her hands. “Allison Marie Royal. Will you marry me?”
A thousand butterfly wings took flight in her stomach. “Oh, yes, my love!”
Terrence stood. “Now?”
His twinkling eyes and gorgeous smile, and the fact that she’d dreamt of this moment ever since she’d met him ten years ago, sent a boldness through her. Not about to lose him again, she turned to the pastor. “We’re ready, Sir.”
After they said their vows, Terrance drew her into his arms and kissed her. Allison pulled back. Looking up into his forest green eyes, she whispered, “Thank you for kidnapping me.”
He swung her into his arms and kissed her passionately. With his lips feather-light against hers, he whispered, “My pleasure, ma’am.”

©2005 Debra Ullrick


Paula said...

How fun. I'm amazed you can tell the whole story in such a short word count!

Tracey Bateman said...

I agree with Paula. You answered all the questions in a very short amount of time.

Good job!

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

Awesome! Now Deb Ullrick, she can write. I love her story The Bride Wore Coveralls and hope that Heartsong buys it. It SO much more romantic than most Heartsongs and I loved every page. I was in the setting, enjoying the mud bog racing, and feeling the romantic tension and pull between the hero and heroine throughout the story. Praying that Heartsong snaps it up! If so, I want an autographed copy!