Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving memories and more....

This year I'm not doing anything for Thanksgiving. Didn't fix a turkey dinner or anything, and sent hubby to his parent’s house.  I wanted, no needed, to be alone, to mourn the loss of my mother without restraint.

This morning, my sister and I went to my mom's house to gather the last of her things. Seeing her house empty, knowing after 42 years of her living there the place would soon be sold, that it would no longer be her home, and that I would no longer drive over there to drop in and say hi, hit me hard.

Saying goodbye is excruciatingly painful. I wept for a long time.

Later on, I got to thinking about the first Thanksgiving dinner I prepared twenty-seven years ago. I lived in a small town where absolutely nothing was open on Thanksgiving Day. I made the dressing, stuffed the turkey, and did everything one does to prepare the bird for baking. The last thing I needed to do was to place the foil on top before sliding it into the oven. Only problem was...I didn't have any. Panicked, I darted to the phone and quickly dialed. When the party on the other end picked up, I didn't say hello or anything, I just blurted, "Mom, I don't have aluminum foil! What do I do?"
"That you, Deb?"
"Yes, it's me, Mom. What do I do?"
"What do you need foil for?"
"I don't know. You always used it."
"Doesn't your roaster lid fit?"
"Then use it," Mom calmly replied.
"But you always put aluminum foil on top of the turkey."
"Yes, but that’s only because the turkey was so big the roaster lid didn't fit."
Boy did I feel stupid.
We laughed over that one for years.

If you have a similar Thanksgiving story to share, I’d love to hear it.

Here are some pictures of my mom for you to see:

This is my mom and dad.

Me and my mom many years ago.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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