Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fireman Dad, by Betsy St. Amant, is a fantastic read. I love macho firemen and Jacob Greene is definitely that and much more. Sparks fly between him and Marissa Hawthorne, enough to ignite a blazing fire. But she keeps her distance from him, and he has no idea why or what is holding her back since she seems to care for him too. His questions are soon answered when he discovers several major obstacles—obstacles that may force him to stop their fiery romance from ever igniting. Want to know what they are? Nope. Not tellin’. Read the book to find out.

Against her better judgment, Marissa takes on client Jacob. Something about him lures her to him and for the first time in years she’s ready to start dating. But when she finds out what he does for a living, she quickly douses the flames of romance between them. Doesn’t matter how good looking and kind hearted he is. One dead fireman was enough.

Will Jacob and his cookie bouquet be able to tear down the fortress wall Marissa has built around her heart? Sorry. Not tellin’. Read the book to find out. It will be money WELL spent.

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