Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love Finds You in Valentine Nebraska by Irene Brand

Irene Brand is a gifted and talented romance writer.

Love Finds You in Valentine Nebraska by Irene Brand is a sweet romance story. What I love about this story is that the romance starts at the very beginning and continues throughout the whole book. I also love the reversal role. What I mean is, Kennedy Blaine is a California rich girl, and Derek Sterling is a poor Nebraska ranch manager. In Love Finds You in Valentine Nebraska, the rich girl wants the poor boy, but he doesn’t want a relationship with her because he is poor and doesn’t feel good enough. Plus he believes he can never fit into her world, nor she his. There’s a reason why he feels this way—several actually, but one is major—for him anyway. If you want to know what that reason is, read the book. It’s awesome.

Love Finds You in Valentine Nebraska is a delightful romance with amazing characters.
It has a little bit of the ole Hatfield and McCoy feud theme woven throughout. But is the feud between the hero and the heroine, or someone else? What started this feud anyway? And who all has it effected?

What is Kennedy doing at the Circle Cross ranch in Valentine, Nebraska anyway? And why is someone threatening her? Are the threats somehow linked to Derek’s shady past? Or is it a case of a real estate deal gone bad? Does it have anything to do with the family feud thing? How does this effect Kennedy and Derek’s relationship? Will the threats finally send Kennedy back to California? Thus dividing Kennedy and Derek forever.

To find out the answer to these questions…you guessed it—buy the book.

If you love sweet romance with a bit of suspense, then this book is for you. So make haste and buy Love Finds You in Valentine Nebraska. You won’t be sorry.

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