Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yippee! Skippy! I got my first check!

Yippee! Skippy! I got my first advanced royalty check for my story, THE BRIDE WORE COVERALLS!

What a super-duper feeling to hold it in my hand, to see MY name on it, and to know that my dream finally came true. But boy howdy, I so didn't want to cash my check from Barbour Publishing. I wanted to hold onto it forever. But, hey, I'm no dummy. I took a photo copy of it instead. ~Cheeky Grin*

I hope and pray there are many many more to come. *smiling* Am I bad? ~snicker snicker~ NOPE... just hopeful.

I'll let you know when THE BRIDE WORE COVERALLS is coming out. And I'll share the ride along the way.

Oh yeah... Pretty soon, I'll be posting my reviews of MEETING HER MATCH by Debra Clopton, and TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Trish Perry. Both are excellent, because both were written by two fabulous authors. *smiling*

Well, we're still house hunting. So, please keep us in your prayers. We need a big-time miracle in this area.

Until next time...

See ya~~~



Betsy St. Amant said...

Congrats!! How exciting =)

Anonymous said...

Conrats! Blessings to you!!!!