Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dating Mr. McDreamy

Hi all. I thought I would post one of my published short-short stories. The word limit was 750. It's hard to write that short of a romance story and keep the reader happy. But here's hoping you are. *smiling* Oh yeah... forgive the horrible formatting. The original IS formatted correctly. I'm still gettin' used to this blog and how to use it. So bear with me. *smiling*
God bless you all.

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Dating Mr. McDreamy
Debra Ullrick

One look at the wavy brown haired, pale blue-eyed man standing in front of her and Sharmane Judson’s heart was a goner. How would she ever set him up with someone else? This was the first time since she’d opened Agape Christian Dating Service, that she wanted one of her clients for herself, despite her strict ‘no dating client policy’.
* * *
Trevor Heart forced his eyes not to widen. The striking brunette with the translucent sea-green eyes rising in front of him yanked the air from his lungs, along with his heart. He gave himself a mental lashing. This is ridiculous. I don’t believe in love at first sight. Another glance at the beautiful woman in front of him, and he changed his mind.

“Mr. Heart.” Her raspy voice wrapped around his already smitten heart. “I’m Sharmane Judson.” She extended her well-manicured hand over the stylish European designer desk. Her rain-fresh scent awakened his senses.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Judson.” Her soft hand buried itself in his. Her brows shot upward. She jerked her hand from his and abruptly sat. Judging from her reaction, he wondered if she too had felt the electrical charge.

Trevor followed her example and lowered his tall frame into the chair.

When she picked up a piece of paper and looked at it, Trevor noticed her trembling fingers. Was she always this nervous, or was she affected by his nearness as much as he was hers?

A moment later, she looked at him with a lets-keep-it-professional-look. “Mr. Heart, your sister--”

“Listen.” Trevor cut her off. “My well-meaning, meddling sister meant well in engaging your services, but I have no intentions of using them. I only kept this appointment to pacify her.” At Sharmane’s frown, he raised his hand. “However, since I’m here, there is something you can do for me.”

“What’s that, Mr. Heart?” She clasped her hands in front of her and leaned forward.

“You can go out with me.”
* * *
Sharmane’s jaw fell. Mr. McDreamy, aka, Mr.Trevor Heart, wanted to date her. Even though she’d just met him, her gut instinct told her that he was the man for her. And her instinct had never failed her before. Oh, if only he wasn’t a client. She swallowed down her desire, knowing she had to refuse him. There was no way she would break her no dating clients’ policy rule and set a bad example for her employees.

He reached over and gently closed her mouth.

“I…I,” she sputtered. Never before had she sputtered in front of a client. And never before had she wanted a client so badly. And never before had she had the urge to grab someone and kiss them. Oh, dear, Lord, help me. Please, give me the strength to say no.

She drew in a long steadying breath. “Mr. Heart.”

“Please, call me Trevor.”

Sharmane bit her lower lip. Looking directly into his eyes, she willed courage to herself. “Mr. Heart. I thank you for your offer. But, I’m afraid I have to decline” She quickly dropped her gaze from his, knowing if she continued to look into those gorgeous pale blue eyes, she might give in and break her policy.

“May I ask why?”

She forced herself to look at him. “Because,” she paused. “I have a strict no dating clients’ policy.”

“Oh, is that all.” He chuckled, then rose. “How’s Friday night at eight then?”

Sharmane stood. “Mr. Heart. I admit I’m attracted to you, but I refuse to break my policy for you or anyone else.”

“And I admire you for that.” He walked around the desk and stood in front of her. “But you forget.” He smiled. “I have no intentions of using your services. Therefore, I’m not one of your clients.”

He cupped her chin. His citrus cologne gave her a heady sensation. “When I know what I want, I go after it. And I want you, Miss Judson.” Trevor drew her into his arms and kissed her. After a brief moment, he released her and headed out the door, calling over his shoulder. “See you at eight.”

She plopped in her chair and ran her tongue over her tingling lips. His luscious peppermint, toe-curling kiss proved her instincts were once again correct. Mr. Trevor Heart was her Mr. Right.

Knowing he wasn’t a client, and knowing he wanted her too, she smiled contentedly. Without a doubt, Sharmane knew she’d spend the rest of her life dating Mr. McDreamy.

Copyright Debra Ullrick, 2006


Marjorie Vawter said...

Congratulations on the new blog, Debra!

You didn't let the grass grow under your feet after talking about blogs Monday night, did you? I must admit, I'm thinking about it, too. Just no time right now :).

Like the story, too! I look forward to seeing more.


Paula said...

So excited you joined blog world! Good for you!

Your story made me smile. I needed that. Been mostly frowing today!!

Jeanne Marie Leach said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I barely have time to get dressed in the morning, much less blog. Way to go, Deb. Good job. I love the story, every time I read it. You have a way of stuffing an entire story in only 750 words. That's a gift!

Keep writing!